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Do your ears hang low

Do your ears hang low, 

do they wobble to and fro, 

can you tie them in a knot 

can you tie them in a bow, 

can you throw them on your shoulder 

like a continental soldier, 

do you ears hang low?Do your ears hang high, 

do the reach up to the sky, 

do they wrinkle when they’re wet, 

do they straighten when they’re dry, 

can you wave them at your neighbor 

with a minimum of labor, 

do your ears hang highDo your ears hang wide, 

do they flap from side to side, 

do they wave in the breeze 

from the slightest little sneeze, 

can you fly above the nation 

with a feeling of elation, 

do your ears hang wideDo your ears fall off 

when you give a great big cough,

do they lye there on the ground 

or bounce up at every sound, 

can you stick them in your pocket 

and be just like Davy Crocket, 

do your ears fall off


Does your tongue hang down, 

does it flop all around…Does your nose hang low, 

does it wiggle to and fro Do your eyes pop out, 

do they bounce all about



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